Vodafone Customer Service

Vodafone Group Plc. is a multinational communication company that started in 1982 when a joint venture between Racal Electronics and Millicom was formed. Over the years it has evolved and changed different names until the present Vodafone. The name was formed from voice date fone, meaning they offer voice and data services. Its headquarters is in London.

Vodafone Takes Customer Service Seriously

It aims at satisfying their consumers’ needs by leading in the world of innovation, by making sure they are globally competitive, having a global reach and being an international brand. Vodafone keeps shareholders interest at heart by investing heavily in excellent telecommunication networks, so they can have a high return to share with the holders. The firm wants to be in the forefront in the field; to have the best rates, top technology, and majority customers.

Vodafone Calls for Partners

Currently, the organization operates and own network in twenty-six companies and has a partnership to fifty more with the local networks. It also provides IT and telecommunication to corporate customers to over one hundred and fifty countries. Vodafone has listed in London Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market. In 2014, Vodafone was ranked second worldwide on a number of connection and fifth according to the revenue they collected.

Industry Leading Technology Initiatives by Vodafone

Since the start of their operation, Vodafone has introduced new, different things in the market; in 1991, they were the first to make roaming international calls possible. They introduced Vodafone Money Transfer which made the transfer of money from one person to another easy; it is safe and can do it from the comfort of your home. The team at the firm is talented and innovative; they work hard to keep bringing new things to the market and make the existing ones better. The company treats their employees with respect and awards their hard work; they all have positive reviews of the company.

Contact Vodafone to Learn More About Giving Back

Vodafone launched a project to benefit the vulnerable called Vodafone Foundation; they have teamed up with different organizations to help people in need. They have a number of initiatives examples are: in Portugal, they launched Safe Taxi System, a system that taxi drivers can use to get in touch with the police in case they are in danger; TECSOS, in the event of domestic violence victims can activate their mobile phones immediately to reach emergency services. Teachers in India can use technology created by Vodafone called Learning with Vodafone Solution to enhance their teaching by using multimedia and graphic content; The World of Difference Program, a person chooses a charity organization to work with for some period then charity is provided, and the winner gets the balance as salary. Lastly, Vodafone has Pediatric Epilepsy Remote Monitoring System, where a physician can monitor the patients’ progress remotely. Vodafone customer service is one the best by a telecommunication company; it does not only concentrate on making a profit but also care about the well being of the society.