Talk Talk Customer Service

TalkTalk Telecom Group Plc, is a company based in the United Kingdom that provides mobile network services, pay television, internet access, and telecommunication services to individuals and businesses in that region. In 2003, TalkTalk was formed but as a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse; then in 2010, it was separated from Carphone and stood on its own. The company whose headquarters is based in London aim is to give simple, reliable, affordable and fair services to all its customers.

TalkTalk Serves Over Four Million Subscribers

Talk Talk has over four million clients; they came up with three different packages to suit the different needs of their customers. First is the TalkTalk Business, this is meant for business clients and Talk Talk provide a range of services to meet the enterprise need; services are hosted solutions, mobile, internet and voice protocol, connectivity and networking. Secondly, the voice and data services to small and medium businesses; lastly, SimplyBroadband, this is suitable for homes because it includes unlimited broadband, television and phone services.

TV and Mobile Phone Service From TalkTalk

The firm’s services include voice which can be used by both individuals and businesses; they make sure that their voice service serves their clients best; in 2004, they offered free TalkTalk home calls and since the network has grown. Talk Talk also have TV packages; it has attractive features like pause, rewind, catchup and others, the company introduced TalkTalk TV Store where consumers can get latest movies, both features make Talk Talk loved. Their mobile ensures that their clients stay connected whether it is in business or individual level. Internet access and data networking are large, high-grade and fast to ensure that business can carry out their day to day jobs with privacy and ease.

Contact TalkTalk About Their Social Responsibility Initiatives

Digital skill, cyber security, and digital safety are the areas TalkTalk concentrates on their Corporate Social Responsibility. Talk Talk and Good Things Foundation teamed up to help people learn digital skills in their community. They want everybody to have knowledge of the digital world so that they can be able to communicate with the rest of the world; TalkTalk also offered low-cost broadband to the learning centers for those who cannot afford home internet. For digital and cyber security, parents can filter what the children can see on the web, to block websites that are not suitable for their age. TalkTalk aimed at protecting the upcoming generation from the harmful thing on the internet, so they came with a feature for parents. In 2012, the customers were able to set the filter during the time of signup and made many parents aware of the feature and were pleased with it. The company recently came up with a feature to protect their clients from fraud; this protects their business, finance devices, and even people.

Top Rated Customer Service By TalkTalk

TalkTalk Telecom Group is a fast growing company that will always put customer service Talk Talk accounts first. The wide range of services is an added advantage because clients will not need to use different service providers when you can use one to provide all of them. They are aiming to continue their growth, and that will mean they will get better and better and be the best providers.