Severn Trent Customer Service

Severn Trent is a water authority established in 1974 in Birmingham and it is responsible for water management, supply, wastewater treatment and disposal. Its main water sources are Severn and Trent rivers. This is where the company took its name.

Severn Trent Customer Focus

In the bid to serve their customers better, Severn Trent has merged with United Utilities to form Water Plus, the new merger. This will enhance the provision of excellent customer service, greater value and it will also bring forth new services. The merger will lead to better billing, faster meter readings, more efficient account management and other services to customers and clients all over the country.

The merger does not affect your water supply as it will still be done by Severn Trent. So, you can be sure of continuous quality and reliability of your water supply. Since nothing will change about your water supply, the prices will also remain the same. The emergence of Water Plus will not change the charges.

Contact Severn Trent With Concerns

All businesses in England will have the liberty to select their water and wastewater retailer by April 2017. Scotland already began to practice it several years ago. This is what Severn Trent is preparing for with Water Plus, the new merger. However, the selection privilege won’t be extended to households for now.

This is believed to be the biggest change in water industry in England within the past 30 years. This change will be most beneficial to non-household customers as it will lead to more competition. Even common Economics tells you that when the number of suppliers increases, the demand will drop and competition will become keener to the advantage of customers or consumers.

To fully comply with the new policy, incumbent water supplier like Severn Trent will have to divide their services into wholesale and retail. The supply of water to customers is the wholesale part while the customer-facing aspect like the billing, metering, meter reading and resolution of customers’ queries will be handled by the retail part.

Severn Trent and Water Plus

For the new Water Plus, Severn Trent will handle wholesale while United Utilities will handle the retail aspect. With the opening of the retail market in April 2017, Severn Trent will conclude the full transfer of all its non-household customers to Water Plus for retail services by 1st June, 2017. Household customers need not worry since the retail market is not for them, at least for now.

Call Severn Trent For Charges Breakdown

Severn Trent has different charges for different water services. For water supply, there are two kinds of customers, the metered customers and non-metered customers. For the metered customers, the charges are divided into two parts. The standing charge and the volumetric charge. The standing charge is based on the size of the meter and it also covers the cost of maintenance of the meter. The volumetric charge is calculated by the amount of water supplied. Severn Trent can turn back on your water if it has been turned off, just call them.

For unmetered customers, the charges are usually based either on the ratable value of the building or on assessed volume of water supplied. Other chargeable water services are removal of used water, surface water drainage and Trade effluent charges.