Scottish Power Customer Service

Scottish Power, founded in 1990, has its headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland. The company was formed in preparation for the privatization of the formerly state owned Scottish electricity industry. The company employs approximately nine thousand nine hundred and fifty-three people.

Scottish Power Clean Energy Commitment

Scottish Power is committed to cleaner energy and becoming less dependent on generation of energy from nuclear sources and more reliant on providing more energy from renewable sources. Forty-eight percent of their power is generated through gas, while forty-nine percent comes from the wind and three percent from hydro sources. The company is innovative and is investing in renewable energy. Scottish Power is a world leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index 2015.

Contact Scottish Power About SmartMeters

By the year 2020 SmartMeters are set to be installed for customers making energy choices clear and simple as well as helping save on costs. SmartMeters will give customers more control with in home display to show exactly how much activities are costing. These meters will also result in more accurate bills and automatically send meter readings each month. Scottish Power will be one of the first companies to allow customers to text their meter readings in each month.

Scottish Power is part of the Iberdrola Group, a global energy company and world leader in wind energy. They work in the generation and transmission of energy. Scottish Power also distributes electricity and enables energy management. They also supply gas and electricity in the UK. Scottish Power has committed their company to providing cleaner energy and relying less on nuclear power sources. An increase in customer choice through digital enhancements like the SmartMeter are also a priority.

Scottish Power Customer Service Portal

Scottish Power is investing money in the future of the energy structure of the UK. The Scottish Power login feature on the website allows you to see more about your account. They are also creating thousands of jobs through their Distribution and Renewables businesses as well as creating hundreds of apprenticeships and graduate positions. The company is also playing a part in the Energy and Utilities Skills Partnership which works to attract, train and retain a talented workforce as many of their workers are set to retire in the next decade or so. Scottish Power also runs Energy Rails which has gas and electricity supply with five point two million customers in the UK. Energy Networks which is a business network who provides repairs for distribution networks among other services. Energy Wholesale, which provides energy using coal and other sources as well as operating the largest wind farm in Glasgow.