EON Customer Service

EON is the world largest investor-owned company providing energy services; their core businesses are renewables, energy networks, and customer solutions; the EON name came from a Greek name aeon which means the age. It started its operation in the year 2000 when VEBA and VIAG merged; currently, it is led by Johannes Teyssen, the CEO. EON is in operation in more than thirty countries and presently, has more than thirty-three million customers. It is a member of the DAX Stock Index in Germany, Global Titans 50 index and the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.

EON is Growing

Since the start of operation, the company has acquired many companies making them continue to grow. Some of the companies acquired are Sydkraft, Powergen, Ruhrgas and many others; these acquisitions has made EON have a range of products and services to offer, like Ruhrgas was a gas company, so EON got into that field. The firm has employed a good number of people and the employees love working for the organization; they say the support from the management is the best.

Contact EON to Learn About Their Renewable Energy Focus

To satisfy all its clients, EON owns six nuclear plants in Germany, for harvesting nuclear energy. It also owns over twenty windfarm projects in the US, German, Poland, the UK and Sweden; in London, it owns thirty percent of the wind generation scheme. EON aims at producing clean, renewable energy and that’s why it focuses more on wind and water sources. Outside its field, the company is also an Information Technology provider.

Energy solution business is part of the organization’s many projects where they supply gas and power to more than million people including in domestic and small enterprises; they also teach their clients how to generate their power using solar panels, heat pumps and also how to insulate and to conserve energy. Customer service for EON is also great and in case a customer needs assistance, there are available to assist immediately; the customer care is a big reason people prefer EON because everyone wants an organization they can depend on especially when things are not okay.

EON Loves Sports

EON has been involved in sports and art. It has sponsored a number of football leagues like the FA Cup which included the FA Women’s Cup and FA Youth Cup; it is also the official energy partner of the football league and a sponsor to several local programs on Channel Five in the UK and previously sponsored the Ipswich Town rugby and football cup. Different branches of EON in the different areas have also sponsored a number of football cups. EON has also supported the Museum Kunstpalast by giving over forty-one million dollars up to the year 2014 to the museum; they also sold one of the paintings they owned for a long time for the purpose of support.

EON values their customers and their safety is paramount to them; the staffs work hard to give clients clean energy and keep the environment clean and safe. Why should anybody look for another company when there is EON, who is mindful of its client’s wellbeing?