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BT is one of the leaders in the communications industry throughout the entire world. They are the providers of mobile, broadband, TV products and services, fixed line services and network IT services that serve individuals from inside of the United Kingdom to all over the world. They are the United Kingdoms leader in communications services and sell their products and services to their individual customers and businesses. They service both small and medium sized businesses as well as the public sector.

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BT also makes wholesale services and products available to the providers of communications both in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. On a global basis BT supplies networked IT services to domestic businesses, multinational corporations and local and national government organizations. They are the very oldest communications company in the world. The origins of BT go back to being one of the very first telecommunications companies established inside of the United Kingdom.

About BT

Of all the original commercial telegraph services established in the United Kingdom, the Electric Telegraph Company was the first to open their doors. They were founded way back in 1846. As time passed the companies were all amalgamated. Eventually either they were taken over by another company or they went out of business. The companies who were able to service were transferred to the control of the state and became a part of the post office. Later these companies became privatized and were called British Telecommunications plc. This was the beginning of the global communications services now in operation today. They currently serve companies and individuals in 170 different countries.

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BT is one of the most well known companies anywhere in the United Kingdom. They play a major part in the businesses and communities throughout the nations and regions in the United Kingdom as well as in Ireland. BT is an organization of a global magnitude capable of proving services to 180 countries. These BT customer services include TV and broadband, BT Sport, BT Mobile SIM only, BT Mobile Handsets and phone services.

BT is also responsible for a lab program. This program builds on their extremely rich history and encourages open innovation and start ups. BT’s customers sponsor the program. This consists of divisions for Technology and business. This enables BT to have an open front door for entrepreneurs. They also engage with the start up communities not just throughput the United Kingdom but beyond it as well.