British Gas Customer Service

It’s time to take a fresh look at British Gas. Too many people think utility companies are unchanging, unimaginative and perhaps a bit dull. They feel there is nothing new to learn about British Gas, but that is a very wrong impression.

British Gas is Customer Focused

British Gas is vastly more than a gas supplier. They are a high tech, customer-centered service dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers efficiently.
As an example, take a look at our free electricity program. This is an initiative designed to encourage customers to embrace change by installing a British Gas smart meter. To be considered for this program, a trained British Gas employee visits your home to complete a free evaluation. If your home is compatible with the state-of-the-art smart meters, they install your new meter for free.

Once your new meter is up and running, we supply your household with free electricity from 9am-5pm every Saturday and Sunday. The exact details depend on the tariff you select, but imagine all you can accomplish in a weekend with all that free electricity. Do the weekly wash, mow the lawn, host brunches – all with free energy supplied by British Gas.

British Gas Money Saving Extras

British Gas offers you a relationship rather than just utilities. This includes free services designed to save you money. For example, if there is a cheaper tariff that is appropriate for your household, we notify you of it on your annual statement or by email if you prefer. Another example is our dual fuel discount. Choose us for both your gas and electricity needs and we take £15 off your annual bill.

Another important customer service we offer to streamline your bill paying and information dissemination process is our intuitive app. Download our app today so you can track your energy usage, pay your bills and even submit meter readings. British Gas is driven to make your utility experience easy and responsive.

Contact British Gas for More Ways to Save

Let’s talk about savings, a topic that interests everyone. At British Gas we are energy experts and know that customers are always looking for ways to save money. Not only do our customers feel inspired by green interests to save, but they like to see more disposable income. British Gas has uncovered many simple, easy adjustments you can make in your home to pare down your bill. An example is based in efficiency of scale. When you make a cup of tea, fill the pot with only as much water as you need; heating extra water wastes money and resources. Doing laundry? Run the machine only when you have enough clothes for a full load. To save money on drying expenses, take a page out of granny’s book: hang clothing on the line! Not only does the fresh air convey a beautiful, natural aroma to the clothing, but it saves on the drying bill.

Learn all they have to offer from smart home savings to billing assistance. Look into your account while you do and take a few minutes to know how partnering with British Gas is a great idea.