Amazon Customer Service

Internet shopping today is more convenient and easy to use than ever before. The online retail shopping giant that trumps them all in popularity and variety is Amazon. Aside from providing a way to get products shipped directly to the front door of people all over the world, this company does so much more than sell. What makes Amazon so special? Amazon also promotes many causes and organizations as well as promoting community involvement. From offering scholarships to their employees to spreading the love of technology and code to young girls, Amazon has a hand in improving the lives people all over the world.

Amazon Promotes From Within

Amazon employees are given a chance to move within the company and further their careers. Additionally, employees may apply for scholarships for degrees in in-demand fields. Whether the employee’s goal is to stay with the company or not, Amazon still has the employee’s best interest in mind. That being said, Amazon’s wide varieties of jobs give workers a variety to choose from. These are not all warehouse positions as many may think. Amazon needs web designers, content writers, product photographers—you name it. Amazon has created an environment where the possibilities truly seem endless.

Not only does the charitable heart of Amazon offer opportunities to its employees, Amazon Smile makes it possible for customers to choose a charity for Amazon to donate to. By going to, shoppers are given a chance to select from popular charities, or search for one that fits their interest. Not only are the popular charities included, but local organizations may join the list and promote their cause as well. The donation does not come out of the buyer or the sellers pocket, it comes right from Amazon.

More Ways Amazon Gives Back

The cheerful giver Amazon does not stop at their online donation system. An every single community that an Amazon employee lives and works, there are community programs that Amazon supports. Employees are encouraged to volunteer and become involved to make their communities a better place. Amazon gives locally and ensures that their money and hard work are going to a great cause. In addition to helping nonprofits to succeed, Amazon also has the Kindle Reading Fund which promotes reading through digital books. This allows books to reach communities and countries where books are scarce. Amazon also makes a point to help the environment by using one hundred percent recyclable packaging, and by identifying and correcting waste issues within processing.

Compassion From Amazon Customers

The next time a shopper is low on laundry detergent or simply needs to splurge, they can shop in confidence knowing they are giving business to a company who cares. More than just a convenient way to shop, Amazon impacts the world. By charitable giving and community involvement, Amazon customer service is helping to make the world a better place, one smile at a time.